Andrew Finlayson

Dr Andrew Finlayson


Location: BGS Edinburgh

Tel: 0131 6500 209

E-mail Andrew Finlayson

ORCID: 0000000264473187


  • 2016 –2019 : Skills Leader
  • 2014 : PhD, Glacial geomorphology, University of Edinburgh
  • 2005 : Appointed to British Geological Survey
  • 2004 : MSc Royal Holloway, University of London, Quaternary Science
  • 2001 : BSc University of St Andrews, Geography

Current projects and collaboration

  • 2018 – ongoing : Uncertainty surrounding the resilience of historical engineered barriers in rivers, with the University of Bath and the Alan Turing Institute.
  • 2016 –2019 : Supporting Self Recovery After Disasters, with Loughborourgh University, CARE International UK, the Overseas Development Institute and UCL.
  • 2016 – ongoing : Geomorphology of upland catchments
  • 2013 – ongoing : structural glaciology and subglacial drumlins, Iceland, with the University of Iceland


  • 2013 : Awarded the Lewis Penny Medal by the Quaternary Research Association

Boards and committees

  • 2015 – ongoing : Ordinary Member of the Quaternary Research Association Executive Committee
  • 2014 – ongoing : Editorial Board: Proceedings of the Geologist's Association

Professional association

  • 2015 – ongoing : Chartered Geographer, CGeog [Geomorph], and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with IBG
  • 2006 – ongoing : Member of the Quaternary Research Association

Research interests

  • Catchment geomorphology
  • Applied Quaternary geology
  • Three-dimensional geological modelling
  • Glacial geology and ice sheet processes
  • Applications of ground penetrating radar

Published outputs

Key papers

  • 2019 : FINLAYSON, A, PHILLIPS, E, BENEDIKTSSON, Í Ö, ZOET, L K, IVERSON, N R, and EVEREST, J. Subglacial drumlins and englacial fractures at the surge‐type glacier, Múlajökull, Iceland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 44(1), pp.367-380.
  • 2018 : KEARSEY, T I, LEE, J R, FINLAYSON, A, GARCIA‐BAJO, M, and IRVING, A A. Examining the geometry, age and genesis of buried Quaternary valley systems in the Midland Valley of Scotland, UK. Boreas.
  • 2018 : LAPWORTH, D J, DAS, P, SHAW, A, MUKHERJEE, A, CIVIL, W, PETERSEN, J O, GOODDY, D C, WAKEFIELD, O, FINLAYSON, A, KRISHAN, G, and SENGUPTA, P. Deep urban groundwater vulnerability in India revealed through the use of emerging organic contaminants and residence time tracers. Environmental pollution, 240:938-49.
  • 2018 : STEPHENSON, V, FINLAYSON, A, and MIRANDA MOREL, L. A risk-based approach to shelter resilience following flood and typhoon damage in rural Philippines. Geosciences, 8(2):76.
  • 2017 : FLETT, V, MAURICE, L, FINLAYSON, A, BLACK, A R, MACDONALD, AM, EVEREST, J, and KIRKBRIDE, M P. Meltwater flow through a rapidly deglaciating glacier and foreland catchment system: Virkisjökull, SE Iceland. Hydrology Research, 48(6):1666-81.
  • 2017 : PHILLIPS, E, EVEREST, J, EVANS, D J, FINLAYSON, A, EWERTOWSKI, M, GUILD, A, and JONES, L. Concentrated,'pulsed' axial glacier flow: structural glaciological evidence from Kvíárjökull in SE Iceland. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 42(13), pp.1901-1922.
  • 2017 : TWIGG, J, LOVELL, E, SCHOFIELD, H, MOREL, L M, FLINN, B, SARGEANT, S, FINLAYSON, A, DIJKSTRA, T, STEPHENSON, V, ALBUERNE, A, and ROSSETTO, T. Self-recovery from disasters. ODI Working Paper 523. London: Overseas Development Institute.
  • 2015 : DOVE, D, AROSIO, R, FINLAYSON, A, BRADWELL, T, and HOWE, J A. Submarine glacial landforms record Late Pleistocene ice-sheet dynamics, Inner Hebrides, Scotland. Quaternary Science Reviews, 123, pp.76-90.
  • 2015 : KEARSEY, T, WILLIAMS, J, FINLAYSON, A, WILLIAMSON, P, DOBBS, M, MARCHANT, B, KINGDON, A, and CAMPBELL, D. Testing the application and limitation of stochastic simulations to predict the lithology of glacial and fluvial deposits in Central Glasgow, UK. Engineering geology, 187, pp.98-112.
  • 2014 : FINLAYSON, A, FABEL, D, BRADWELL, T, and SUGDEN, D. Growth and decay of a marine terminating sector of the last British Irish Ice Sheet. Quaternary Science Reviews 83, 28-45.
  • 2014 : PHILLIPS, E, FINLAYSON, A, BRADWELL, T, EVEREST, J, and JONES, L. Structural evolution triggers a dynamic reduction in active glacier length during rapid retreat: evidence from Falljokull, SE Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface , 119, 2194-2208.
  • 2013 : FINLAYSON, A. Digital surface models are not always representative of former glacier beds: Palaeoglaciological and geomorphological implications. Geomorphology, 194, 25-33.
  • 2013 : PHILLIPS, E, FINLAYSON, A, and JONES, L. Fracturing, block faulting and Moulin development associated with progressive collapse and retreat of a maritime glacier: Virkisjokull-Falljokull, SE Iceland. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 118, 1545-1561.
  • 2012 : FINLAYSON, A. Ice dynamics and sediment movement: last glacial cycle, Clyde basin, Scotland. Journal of Glaciology, Vol. 58, No. 206, 487-500. 536-554.
  • 2011 : FINLAYSON, A, GOLLEDGE, N, BRADWELL, T and FABEL, D. Evolution of a lateglacial mountain ice cap in northern Scotland. Boreas, Vol. 40, 536-554.
  • 2010 : FINLAYSON, A, MERRITT, J, BROWNE, M, MERRITT, J E, MCMILLAN, A, and WHITBREAD, K. Ice sheet advance, dynamics, and decay configurations: evidence from west central Scotland. Quaternary Science Reviews, Vol. 29, 969-988.