3D models for teaching and learning

Isle of Wight sections

Learning GSI3D in a group

Today's geoscience students utilise a variety of cognitive processes and spatial skills during their learning experience.

These include the application of schemas, image construction, detecting patterns, memorising figures, mental manipulation and interpretation, making predictions and deducing the orientation of themselves and the rocks around them.

Digital 3D geological models allow students to visualise and interrogate geology; they reinforce spatial skills, facilitate student recognition of pre-learnt geological principles in the field and encourage students to think about geological processes and properties.

In turn they assist students when they convert 2D field, map and GIS outputs into three dimensional geological units, a widespread difficulty for many students of geology.

The BGS produce 3D geological models for anyone teaching or learning geoscience. They incorporate education strategies, such as exploration and interpretation phases, authentic learning and applying gathered information, that will develop geospatial skills and alleviate potential problems that some students experience. The models centre around modern case studies and cover stratigraphy, hydrogeology and other introductory level geological concepts.

Free 3D model downloads

Our 3D geological models and educational material are available to download free of charge below. They require a free download of third-party software called the LithoFrame viewer. Once the software is installed and the 3D model of your choice has been downloaded, open the Lithoframe Viewer software and choose File -> Open and select the downloaded model file (modelfile.GSIPRe).

3D geological models and educational material available to download free of charge:

Model LithoFrame viewer Educational material
Ingleborough Ingleborough Lithoframe viewer Educational material for Ingleborough model
The Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Lithoframe viewer Educational material for Isle of Wight model


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