LithoFrame samples

Sample LithoFrame models are available as free downloads in various formats.

Model data downloads

The sample downloads are also available to view in the virtual borehole and section viewer.

Visualisation of the 3D PDFs is recommended on PCs and laptops using a Windows operating system. The 3D PDFs use Flash Technology so is unlikely to work or will suffer poor performance on devices using IOS and Android operating systems.

Samples 3D pdf LithoFrame Viewer Other formats Information
3D Groundwater Vulnerability – UK3D Not available 3D Groundwater Vulnerability – UK3D Lithoframe model Not available UK 3D 3D Groundwater Vulnerability User's Guide

3D Groundwater Vulnerability Internal Report OR/18/12
Assynt Culmination

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Not available Not available Assynt Culmination Geological 3D Model
Douglas Coalfield Douglas Coalfield 3D pdf Not available Not available Douglas Coalfield model information
East Anglia East Anglia 3D pdf Not available Not available Not available
Eddleston Water Floodplain Monitoring Site Eddleston Water geological model 3D pdf

Instructions for opening the Eddleston 3D model pdf
Not available Not available Eddleston Experimental Site model information

Geology of the Eddleston Water catchment
Ince Marshes, Cheshire Ince Marches 3D pdf Ince Marshes area Lithoframe model Not available Geological characterisation of the area around Thornton, Cheshire
Ipswich Ipswich 3D pdf Ipswich LithoFrame model Not available Ipswich model information
National Bedrock Fence Diagram (UK3D) UK3D England North 3D pdf
UK3D England South 3D pdf
UK3D Northern Ireland 3D pdf
UK3D Scotland 3D pdf
UK3D Wales 3D pdf
UK3D LithoFrame model UK3D individual sections (KMZ format) Report describing the National Bedrock Fence Diagram
Thurrock Thurrock 3D pdf Thurrock LithoFrame model Thurrock model information
York York 3D pdf York LithoFrame model Not available York model information

Two teaching models are also available.

Model LithoFrame Viewer Educational material
Ingleborough Ingleborough Lithoframe Viewer Educational material for Ingleborough model
The Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Lithoframe Viewer Educational material for Isle of Wight model

Third-party software is required to view these sample models.

LithoFrame Viewer download instructions

Download the LithoFrame Viewer:

  1. download the viewer and install (high spec graphics card required; details in the user manual that is included in the data download)
  2. download the model data from this page and save
  3. open the viewer software and use the file menu to open the model *.gsipre file
    (this may take 3–5 minutes)

Known issue: in the 3D Window use a vertical exaggeration of X11 to view colours correctly for all attributes.

What is the LithoFrame Viewer?

LithoFrame viewer

The LithoFrame Viewer is a software tool which enables you to view and query complex 3D geological models constructed by the BGS.

It was developed jointly by the BGS and INSIGHT Geologische Softwaresysteme: GmbH using the GSI3D 3D modelling platform.

The software enables you to view 3D geological models in a GIS-style interface, presenting spatial and three-dimensional data in terms of maps, logs, cross-sections (profiles) and also 3D.

The LithoFrame Viewer presents pre-built 3D geological models as provided by the BGS. These data files are delivered in a proprietary, encrypted format, and can be opened in the Viewer just as one would open a document in a word processing application. The LithoFrame Viewer does not enable you to incorporate, view or model your own geological data, nor to edit, modify or export existing data.

The LithoFrame Viewer is designed to be used easily by both experts and by casual users; it is not specialist software. It provides a simple interface to investigate and query 3D geological models in meaningful ways.

Terms of use:

For more information about licensing from our full range of models, or for information about commissioning your own model, please contact enquiries.

These sample data are available for free for commercial, research and public use. Before accessing, please read our software disclaimer.

Where use is made of these sample LithoFrame models data you must acknowledge the material.