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This map shows available LithoFrame models at 1Mio (grey) 250 (red) and 10/50 in green

LithoFrame is a concept to produce models of Britain's subsurface geology; the 3D equivalent of the geological map. LithoFrame models have been created at a range of scales to answer specific questions about geology and the composition of the subsurface. The adjacent map of Britain shows our coverage of current geological models at varying resolutions.

Examples include:

  • Overview of geological structure and deep geology
  • Underground storage
  • Hydrogeology
  • Resource assessment
  • Urban environment, artificial ground, and foundation conditions


LithoFrame 250 resolution of Central Weald created using Dynamic Graphics EarthVision software LithoFrame250 are prepared for stratigraphic groups (e.g. base Sherwood Sandstone Group, base Chalk Group), with a depth of around 5 km. A range of regional models have also been developed in an ongoing programme of work. These models extend to up to 5km depth and provide a well constrained structural framework for regional, strategic assessment of groundwater and energy resources, and for deep underground storage and waste repositories.


A LithoFrame50 of the Lower Jurassic rocks of the Vale of Belvoir.  The tile measures 10km by 10km by 500m deep (GoCAD)LithoFrame50 are modelled at the formation level (e.g. base London Clay Formation, base Harwich Formation) and reach around 1 km in depth. Our detailed models concentrate on the near surface and are used for planning and development.


A LithoFrame10 tile of the Ipswich area.  It measures 10km by 10km by 50m deep. (GSI3D)LithoFrame10 is the highest resolution, with a focus on well-characterised and relatively shallow superficial deposits including, where appropriate, the subdivision of artificial ground, flood plain, river terrace deposits, archaeological stratigraphy and site characterisation.

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