Stable isotope facility

We are a node of the National Environmental Isotope Facility and employ a wide variety of stable isotope methodologies in environmental change, pollution, hydrology, and human-landscape interactions research.

We focus on the environment, in particular climate change and human-landscape interactions, with increasing importance on the Anthropocene and the modern calibration period. We also use stable isotopes as tracers of modern pollution and understanding the hydrological cycle especially in areas suffering human impact. We work with the UK higher education institutes community and international partners to deliver research, method development and training.


A guide to facilities and instrumentation.


The Stable isotope facility employs around 7 staff.


Appointments, conferences & workshops, grants & awards, job opportunities, media & outreach, PhDs awarded, publications.

How to applyHow to apply

Application forms and guidance notes for submissions to the NERC Isotope Geosciences Facilities Steering Committee.

Centre for Environmental GeochemistryCentre for Environmental Geochemistry

A joint initiative in geochemistry between BGS and the University of Nottingham.

User SurveyUser survey 2018

A summary of the results from the Stable Isotope Facility 2018 user survey.


Contact Melanie Leng for further information about the Stable isotope facility.