Pillow lava

Continental shelf map

BGS Marine Operation have been involved in a number of different projects over the years from ground breaking scientific research to commercial contracts. These have been carried out in many different areas of the world from the Arctic to the Antarctica.

Previous projects
  • UK Continental shelf and N.E.Atlantic regional geological mapping
  • Marine habitat research, Bristol Channel Survey, MESH
  • Site investigation for tidal generation research, Orkney Islands
  • Ore Genesis Papa New Guinea, Tyrrehenian Sea, Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Logatchev hydrothermal field)
  • Core sampling Mid-Atlantic ridge, Oriented and 15m Seabed Rockdrills
  • Rock drilling Faroe Islands
  • Gravity coring Greenland
  • Marine geophysics, Vibrocoring, Rock coring, box coring, Antarctic research Antarctica
  • Diamond Exploration, South Africa

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