Specialist training


Our training activities are customised to suit clients' requirements, for example, focusing on selected parts of the stratigraphical column or on selected fossil groups, but aspects covered include:

Micropalaeontological and palynomorph groups through time - morphology, taxonomy, stratigraphical applications, palaeoecology.

Palynofacies - visual recognition of detrital kerogen macerals and spore colour changes in response to maturation and palaeoenvironmental interpretation of data.

Integrated stratigraphy - demonstrating the value of supplementing biostratigaphical data with mineral data, wireline log data, field data, etc.

Wherever and whenever possible, the clients' sample material is used within the training programme. This ensures that training is targeted towards the clients' needs and provides additional motivation to the participants.

The BGS can also offer training in palynological and micropalaeontological laboratory preparation techniques on a one-to-one basis to meet client's specific requirements.

Field trips can also be run to various parts of the UK. These provide analogues and hands-on experience for use in understanding exploration of the subsurface.

Visit the BGS training page for general information or contact one of the palaeontologists for specific enquiries.