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BGS palaeontologists have a unique breadth of experience in geological problem solving in the UK and overseas. We have expertise in rock successions of all geological ages, covering all the major microfossil groups (spores, pollen, dinoflagellate cysts, foraminifera, acritarchs, diatoms, chitinozoa, conodonts), as well as broad expertise in Palaeozoic and Mesozoic macropalaeontology

Our expertise

Petroleum exploration and development:

  • providing stratigraphical control in the primary geological mapping of potential oil fields
  • reservoir identification and correlation
  • sequence biostratigraphy
  • special expertise in Middle East oil exploration, especially pre-Khuff (Palaeozoic) palynology in deeply buried, poorly seismically imaged successions.

Building and civil engineering:

  • detailed site investigation studies, particularly correlation of borehole geology, for major civil engineering projects. We have previous experience of work in both the UK (e.g. Channel Tunnel), and overseas (e.g. Hong Kong)
  • identification of the age and provenance of stone needed for the restoration of historic buildings.


  • dating and correlation of landslides
  • dating and correlation of tsunami deposits. Recent work has included examination of microfossils in Pleistocene tsunami deposits in Hawaii.
  • palaeoecological studies to examine how fossils can be used to model environmental changes that may be a precursor to major geological or climatic events.


Biostratigraphical and lithostratigraphical interpretation of the Chalk Group as a component of 3D digital geological modelling of the Chalk aquifer. We have particular expertise in the use of outcrop and cored borehole data to calibrate borehole geophysical logs and extrapolate interpretations into uncored boreholes.

Forensic geology:

Micropalaeontology, especially palynology, has considerable value in determining the likely provenance of rock and soil samples that may be important aspects of criminal and civil investigations.


Palaeontology sometimes has application in archaeological investigations. For example, palaeontologists have helped in determining the provenance of materials used to construct Roman mosaics in southern England, in determining the composition of 'wichetts' from central England and in the reconstruction of the ancient coastal environment at Boxgrove, near Chichester, inhabited by Homo heidelbergensis ('Archaic Homo sapiens') or the 'Boxgrove People'


We are able to provide bespoke training courses in many aspects of palaeontology and biostratigraphy. Click here for more information.

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