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There are a significant number of references available on the hydrogeology. Some of these describe aspects of geology and geomorphology that inform hydrogeological conditions. CIDA funded a thorough assessment of the groundwater resources of Swaziland in 1992.


There are 69 references available. Currently 24 of these are available to download in PDF format.

Key References


Relevant water supply passages from the Commonwealth Relations Office annual reports on Swaziland during the 1949-1966 period record the development of water supplies to major townships. Following the report of the Government Geologist in 1943, the development of groundwater resources of Swaziland was the responsibility of the Geological Survey as recorded in the annual reports until 1957. Following independence, from 1963 until 1989 groundwater development was the responsibility of the Geological Survey and Mines Department as recorded in the annual reports. During 1977-1979 Mr N. S. Robins was seconded from BGS as government Hydrogeologist. The groundwater resources of Swaziland were assessed by the UNDP in 1989.

Following the 1991-2 drought during 1992 CIDA funded the mapping of the hydrogeology of Swaziland at a scale of 1:1 000 000 and an assessment of the groundwater resources of the country (Piteau Associates Engineering 1992). Groundwater information availability in Swaziland was again reviewed by Groundwater Consultants Bee Pee and SRK Consulting in 2002 as part of the SADC hydrogeological mapping project.