SADC Region

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There are a large number of references available on the water resources and hydrogeology of SADC Region. Most of these have been generated by studies funded through the SADC Secretariat.


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Key References


Few reports dealing with general water supply conditions within the southern African region as a whole appeared before the formation of the SADC Water Secretariat. A review of the Water Resources of the Bechuanaland Protectorate, Northern Rhodesia, The Nyasaland Protectorate, Tanganyika Territory, Kenya and the Uganda Protectorate was undertaken by Debenham in 1948. Various studies of the weathered and fractured Precambrian Basement Complex aquifers of southern Africa were undertaken by BGS staff primarily in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Botswana during 1985-1993 including the installation of collector well systems. BGS staff also studied the impact of drought upon groundwater resources in Malawi, Zimbabwe and South Africa during 1996-97.

SADC related policy studies of the water resources of the region followed the publication of the revised protocol on shared watercourses in SADC in 1998 and the Southern African Water vision for Action in 2000. Various strategic action plans followed, during 2000-2005 of which those related to the production of a hydrogeological map with reviews of country specific data (2002) and the regional situation analysis of drought and its impact upon groundwater supply management (2005) were the most significant drivers of hydrogeological studies. Emphasis has also been placed upon integrated water resources management especially within transboundary settings.