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There are relatively few references available on the hydrogeology and most of these describe aspects of geology and geomorphology that inform hydrogeological conditions in Portuguese.


There are 60 references available. Currently 14 of these are available to download in PDF format.

Key References


During the colonial era Freitas and Ribeiro (1955) studied possible groundwater abstraction along the railway running along the Limpopo Valley while BURGEAP and Freitas (1962) assessed the hydrogeology of the Save District of Mozambique, both in Portuguese. Ferro and Bouman (1987) produced the 1:1 000 000 scale hydrogeological map of Mozambique in two sheets with explanatory notes. Bouman and Ferro (1987) described the hydrogeology of Precambrian Basement Complex aquifers in Mozambique. The UNDP (1989) reviewed groundwater occurrence and development in Mozambique.

In the post colonial era, JICA funded studies of potential groundwater development in Gaza Province (1996) and Zambezia Province (2001). As part of the hydrogeological mapping of the SADC region, GWC/SRK (2002) reviewed the availability of hydrogeological data and information in Mozambique. WaterAid were also active in 2002 with Breslin studying the installation of protected wells and Smedley the quality of groundwaters. The geology and mineral resources of Mozambique are comprehensively described in Lachelt (2004).