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A number of assessments have been made of the groundwater resources usually as part of wider assessments of national water resources.


There are 108 references available. Currently 5 of these are available to download in PDF format.

Key References


Relevant water supply passages from the Colonial Office annual reports on Basutoland during the 1946-1963 period record the development of water supplies to major townships. Unpublished references in hard copy from Lesotho include a series of quarterly hydrogeology section reports produced by Bonney at the Department of Mines and Geology during the period 1972-1975.

BGS hydrogeologist Dr Wright visited Lesotho in support of Bonney in 1975 to advise on groundwater exploration and development. From 1970 various consultants were active in the assessment and development of groundwater resources in Lesotho. The first assessment of resources was undertaken by Binnies (1971). The results formed the basis of the development of groundwater for townships during the 1972-1994 period by Binnie et al (1977), Groundwater Consultants (1993), Lahmeyer (1992), Riemer (1988) and WEMMIN (1988). The UNDP reviewed the hydrogeology of Lesotho by 1989.

Following the 1991-2 drought during 1994 Italian Aid funded the mapping of the hydrogeology of Lesotho at a scale of 1:1 000 000 (Arduino et al 1994). Further groundwater resources were developed for supply to townships by Groundwater Consultants during 1995. The results of these works and others contributed to a major review of the water resources of Lesotho including groundwater resources conducted during 1996 by TAMS.

Groundwater Consultants continued developing township water supplies based on groundwater during 1996-2000. Groundwater information availability in Lesotho was reviewed by Groundwater Consultants Bee Pee and SRK Consulting in 2002 as part of the SADC hydrogeological mapping project.

As part of the Parkman led EU funded assessment of the water resources of the Lesotho Lowlands (2003) BGS studied the groundwater resources of the Lowland area of north-west Lesotho.