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Of the few references available on hydrogeology most describe aspects of geology and geomorphology that inform hydrogeological conditions and are written in French.


There are 3 references available. None of these are available to download in PDF format yet.

Key References


The BGS archive holds little information on the groundwater resources of the D.R.Congo. References from the pre 1960 period include a series of Geological Survey reports, most produced in French, describing aspects of geomorphology and geology relevant to groundwater occurrence. Notably Snel (1957) outlines groundwater occurrence, including in his description one of the few hydrogeological maps of the Congo basin.

Of the three references available from the 1961-1990 period, UNDP (1989) reviews the hydrogeology of the DRC whereas Service Geologique (1966) is part of a geological map description outlining the hydrogeology of that area and the last describes weathering patterns within Precambrian Basement rocks.

References from the post 1991 period primarily describe socio-economic conditions related to water supply as produced by an NGO and International Aid organisations (UNICEF and the World Bank).