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There are 45 references available. Currently 20 of these are available to download in PDF format.

Key References


Groundwater development infrastructure and the availability of hydrogeological data and information in Angola is reviewed by GWC/SRK (2002).

UNDP (1989) reviews groundwater conditions in Angola.

Beetz (1933) outlines the geology of S W Angola.

References from 1961-1990 include various reports produced by the Geological Survey mostly in Portuguese. Eight of these describe geophysical prospecting for groundwater and methods of groundwater abstraction. The remainder describe aspects of the geomorphology and geology that impact on groundwater occurrence in Angola.

Post 1991 references mainly include documents that review the status of water development policy and planning in post independent Angola. References from this period include descriptions of water resources in the Cunene River catchment in Southern Angola, in Portuguese, as well as several water sector and environment review documents. Most of these documents have been produced by National and regional government bodies (SADC) as well as international Aid organisations including the World Bank and UNICEF.