Potential for groundwater heating in Cardiff | ground source heat pump sustainability

Drilling at the GSHP site

BGS contributed to the recent Construction Excellence Wales seminar (on Thursday 23 June 2016) about the work Cardiff Council and partners have undertaken with the InnovateUK's Energy Catalyst to investigate the potential for ground water heating in Cardiff. With speakers from Cardiff Council, British Geological Survey (David Boon) and WDS Green Energy presentations introduced their collaboration and investigative work resulting in a pilot installation in Cardiff Bay.

The seminar introduced the recently completed feasibility study which assessed the potential to heat buildings using groundwater. The event included a tour of the Grangetown Nursery School's new ground source heat pump (GSHP) which has successfully been retrofitted to the school's existing heating system.

The BGS has installed groundwater monitoring sensors in boreholes close to the school to monitor the performance of the heat pump and the response of the ground around it, which will help engineers design systems more sustainably.

Heat pump and buffer tank at Grangetown Nursery School


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