Geology and Landscape: Wales

Across Wales, Geology & Landscape: Wales (GLW) contributes to the advancement of high quality geoscience, linking research to today's environmental and social challenges.

Collaborating widely, our Cardiff-based team ensures that excellent scientific outputs contribute to the needs of local and central government in Wales, non-govermental organisations, academia and informs the wider community.

Pen-y-Fan, Brecon Beacons

Selected Research

Menai BridgeAnglesey and North Wales

Ongoing geological survey in North Wales aims to provide new data on superficial and bedrock geology in the region and deliver a platform for investigating impacts and processes of environmental change as well as ancient geological processes.

Fforest Fawr GeoparkDigital Integrated Stratigraphy Project (DISP)

The Digital Integrated Stratigraphy Project (DISP) is a web-based, open access, digital resource for stratigraphy. The project aims to eliminate stratigraphic ambiguity associated with sample position within a stratigraphic section.

Fforest Fawr GeoparkGeoconservation, geodiversity and geoheritage

Projects include the South Wales RIGS Audit which will identify the best geodiversity sites in the region. We are also working with Fforest Fawr Geopark and Epynt Ranges on projects that raise public awareness of our geological heritage.

Heat Pump and Buffer TankGround source heat pump sustainability

Event including a tour of Grangetown Nursery School's new installation in Cardiff.

Panning for gold during an outreach activityOutreach

Encouraging an interest in earth science amongst schools and the general public. Activities include rocks and fossils workshops for primary schools, and also information and resources for secondary through to university level and local interest groups.

Cwmystwyth Mine, CeredigionMinerals in Wales

A project jointly funded by the Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund for Wales to identify and present spatially the significant mineral resource occurrences across Wales. Knowledge about mineral resources is essential for making effective and sustainable planning decisions and will enable better quality engagement, consultation and debate.

3D model of the South Wales CoalfieldSouth Wales Coalfield

This initiative is drawing on archival coal seam data and new information to develop an interactive 3D model of the South Wales coalfield, which has a range of applications in the research of new clean coal technologies for the energy sector.

Satellite interferometric study of ground motions in the 1990s in the South Wales Coalfield, using the Intermittent SBAS (ISBAS) technique (Bateson et al., 2015). The ground motion velocity map is overlapped onto shaded relief of the SRTM V4 DEM produced by NASA (Jarvis et al. 2008)Ups and downs of the South Wales Coalfield

Remote sensing technology (InSAR) has been used to monitor ground movements (motions) across the South Wales Coalfield. This project provided new information on the long-term effects of coal mining activity, such as uplift, subsidence and landslides, and will support decision making for land use planning and infrastructure asset management in Wales.

BGS staff sampling in the cityUrban Geology for City Regions

Our newest project, this stakeholder-led research program is supporting sustainable economic growth in our City Regions (e.g. Great Western City Region: Cardiff-Newport-Bristol) by providing subsurface knowledge required to tackle key issues, including: sustainability of shallow geothermal energy, geotechnical and development risk, transport and subsurface infrastructure, renewable energy, SuDS, flooding, contaminated land and resilience to climate change.
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