GOForth: Geological Observatory Forth

Glacial meltwater channel in Carboniferous basaltic lavas

The Forth and Lothians area in the east of Scotland's Central Belt is a major economic and cultural hub, incorporating Edinburgh, the industrial centres of Grangemouth and Falkirk, and the Forth ports. The region also boasts a wealth of terrestrial, coastal and marine protected environments and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), and is recognised for its nationally important geodiversity.

There are many competing interests in the surface and subsurface environments of the Forth and Lothians, from planned developments in urban and water infrastructure to growing interest in geothermal energy and unconventional oil and gas resources, and urban and rural environmental management.

The Geology and Landscape: Scotland team are working with planners, policy makers and environmental regulators in the Forth and Lothians to develop new 3D/4D geoscience applications to improve efficiency in resource and infrastructure development, and to support effective environmental management. The multidisciplinary project encompasses applied research in geothermal energy, hydrogeology, marine geoscience, structural and sedimentary geology, and coastal and catchment processes.

BGS research vessel White Ribbon and the Forth Bridge
River Carron meander near to Carron, West Lothian.


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