Assynt Culmination 3D geological model

The geology of the Assynt area in north west Scotland has attracted generations of geologists for a century or more, forming the 'yard-stick' against which aspiring geoscientists have tested their ability to see geological relationships in three dimensions.

Over the last decade, the BGS has revised the geological map of this area and constructed a series of cross-sections that show the geological structure below the surface.

Recent advances in 3D modelling software mean it is now possible to visualise such structures in three dimensions.

Interactive 3D model

This 3D model provides a unique visualisation of the architecture of the classic Assynt Culmination of the Moine Thrust.

The aim of the model is to provide you with an insight into the way that the individual thrust sheets of rock are stacked up on each other, and of the general pattern where each thrust sheet repeats the geology of the sheet below.

Assynt Culmination 3D geological model

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