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Ocean research drilling. Ocean research drilling

BGS international work

The BGS has extensive experience and skills in developing and operating marine drilling and coring equipment on ships and drilling platforms.

We have a suite of shallow coring equipment that includes drills that can operate in oceanic water depths.

The newest equipment is a 15 m rockdrill that can be deployed in over 3000 m water depth; further details are available on the marine operations pages.

IODP ECORD Science Operator

In 2004 BGS became the co-ordinators of the ECORD Science Operator (ESO) consortium that implements mission-specific platform (MSP) expeditions for ECORD on behalf of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) (2003-2013) and now the International Ocean Discovery Program (2013-2023).

In this programme we have successfully managed major international drilling projects on the Lomonosov Ridge near the North Pole, on the fringing reefs around Tahiti 4.6 MB pdf, the New Jersey margin off the US coast and the Australian Great Barrier Reef.

The most recent MSP expedition was to the Baltic Sea, which ended its offshore phase in November 2013. The next expedition will be in the Atlantic Ocean in late 2015.

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