Marine geohazards

A sea bed image for the upper part of the Storegga Slide showing the complexity of the area
Marine geohazards

This team is working closely with the oil industry to develop models for marine hazards associated with:

  • submarine landslides
  • fluid escape features
  • the distribution of gas hydrates
  • the generation of tsunamis

Current studies include:

  • the tsunami sediments of theĀ Great Tohoku earthquake of 2011
  • research into the Indian Ocean tsunami
  • slides in the deep water trough between the Faroes and Shetland
  • assessment of the record of tsunamis that have affected Europe

We have developed a regional approach to assessing the risks associated with offshore developments. The use of detailed seabed imagery based on multibeam, or the first returns from 3D seismic data, combined with high resolution seismic data, provides the main tools for initial assessment.

Discovering geology

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