BGS Global Geoscience

groundwater sampling in Nepal

BGS is a leading provider of applied geoscience services and has an extensive international programme of research, survey and monitoring, data management and dissemination, including major institutional strengthening programmes in the developing world.

BGS international work

Much of our work is directed towards development issues such as:

  • helping developing countries realise sustainable benefits from their natural resources
  • improving quality of life through improved access to water, food and energy
  • helping communities deal with natural hazards
  • understanding of global environmental change
  • development of sustainable cities

We coordinate BGS experts to fulfil a wide range of international activities, working where appropriate with consultants, universities and private sector organisations that can provide additional specialist skills.

Projects range from short-term expert consultancies to work lasting several years. Our projects are funded by a number of different partners, including UK government, research councils and aid agencies, overseas government departments and private organisations.

Recent projects and collaboration

Our expertise and knowledge can be applied almost anywhere in the world. Current and recent projects include:

Past project database

Click on the red map pins below to see where we have previously worked and follow the links for more information about the project work, maps and reports, or:


Contact Martin Smith (Science Director), Kathryn Goodenough or Jenny Forster for more information