Our research

BGS staff in the laboratory

Our research includes core geological survey and monitoring work and other innovative projects addressing today's geoscientific challenges driven by the changing needs of our stakeholders. Read a selection of Current activities

Research themes

Geology and regional geophysics

Multidisciplinary surveys, research into the surface and subsurface, 3D models...

Applied and medical geochemistry

G-BASE, international geochemistry, abandoned mines and contaminated land

BGS Global

International research, survey & monitoring in the developing world...

Climate change

Carbon, coastal pollution, environmental responses, Palaeoclimate & sustainable soils...

Earth hazards

Volcano monitoring, UK seismic network, magnetic observation, landslides...


Carbon capture & storage, seismic imaging, reservoir geoscience, oil & gas, renewables & clean coal.

Engineering geology

Urban geoscience, shallow geohazards, geotechnics geophysics...

Environmental modelling

3D geological model parameterisation; numerical process modelling techniques, coupled process modelling; uncertainty analysis; geostatistics and model and data integration...


Groundwater resources, quality, modelling, flooding, drought, aquifer monitoring...


mapping, habitats, basin analysis, resources, hydrocarbon prospectivity, ocean drilling & geohazards...

Minerals and waste

Statistics, policy analysis, international development, metallogenesis & security of supply...

Other research activities


The BGS University Funding Initiative; encouraging and funding PhD science.

Citizen science

Help us learn more about our environment by posting your geological observations.

Cross-cutting projects

Collaborative interdisciplinary projects underpinned with 3D models.

Current activities A selection of research activities from international and UK projects.

Some recent earthquakes from around the world.

Geohazard notes

The BGS has prepared a number of ‘ geohazard notes’ to provide relevant summary information for some of the geohazards that could affect the UK.

Natural Hazards Partnership

Bringing together expertise across the UK's public sector agencies to provide advice in preparation, response and review of natural hazards.


Metrics and compilations of research outputs in year