Catchment processes

A field of lettuces in the UK

Recognising that hydrological, soil and biological processes are interlinked and interdependent, our research programme uses catchment-based studies to improve our understanding of environmental processes.

As part of our catchment studies, the BGS helps to maintain a number of observatories, including sites in the Berkshire Downs, Oxfordshire and the Eden, Cumbria.

The BGS is also a member of the NERC Virtual Observatories initiative.

Groundwater–surface water interaction

An ongoing study is looking in detail at the physical and chemical processes involved in the movement of groundwater to streams whilst increasing our understanding of the geological controls on these processes.

Catchment processes case studies

Groundwater recharge

Groundwater recharge processes have been the focus of significant research effort over the last few years, including, most recently, the studies of recharge through drift and groundwater nitrate in the Eden Valley, Cumbria.

Controls on groundwater flooding

In order to help develop appropriate flood risk management measures, BGS staff are investigating the controls on groundwater flooding at the catchment scale at a number of sites including work in Brighton, Oxford and Forres.


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