Hazard and resilience modelling

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The hazard and resilience modelling team develops new and innovative data products to provide geoscientific information to our stakeholders served up in a format that is accessible and intuitive. Combining expertise from engineering geology, geochemistry, modelling, GIS and many more disciplines, the team aims to:

  • supply data and knowledge to users that can be used in the analysis of a range of geo-environmental problems
  • explore alternative and new methodologies with internal and external partners, developing on pre-existing products and services as well as generating new and innovative ones
  • develop multidisciplinary data products
  • develop dynamic products (i.e temporal or responsive) modelling factors such as impact, resilience, risk and uncertainty using numerical and stochastic techniques, improving the quality and integrity of products and services
  • develop new and innovative methods of data presentation, particularly looking at how to incorporate near real-time data, dynamic process models and 3D geological models and data


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Information on our current research projects and products under development.

Focus groups and collaboration Focus groups and collaboration

Information on our focus groups, which are driving development; how to get involved and how to work with us on collaborative projects.

Data analytics research & development Data analytics research and development

Development and utilisation of the latest geospatial analytical techniques that underpin our product development.


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