GeoProperties product development

The GeoProperties team develops geological data and information for industry. Its portfolio includes the digital geological map, extensive databases and many applied geological data products describing the physical and chemical characteristics of UK rocks, deposits and soils.

The team:

  • maintains and delivers BGS Geology 50k, the national geological map
  • maintains and delivers applied datasets such as BGS Civils and the Soil Parent Material Model
  • continually develops new data, datasets and GIS methods
  • undertakes research and data product development for commercial clients
  • leads and collaborates with others on research council funded projects

Case studies

National Grid National Grid

Undertaking a high-level screening exercise to determine the severity of geohazards and flooding to National Grid's network.

Pipe corrosion modelling Pipe corrosion modelling

Working with Yorkshire Water to improve prediction of clean and waste water pipe failures.

Tree failure risk model Tree failure risk model

Working with Lancaster University to improve a tree failure risk model by incorporating factors that include soil depth and soil strength.

Resistivity for power companies Resistivity for power companies

Our resistivity maps facilitate planning for electrical earthing of power equipment and supplies.

Product innovation

Engineering RockheadEngineering rockhead

Developing a national model of depth to engineering rockhead.

Quaternary heterogeneities Quaternary heterogeneities

Developing a national model of Quaternary heterogeneities.

Machine learning Mapping with machine learning

The next generation of mapping, born out of the global explosion in big data analytics.

Crowdsourcing data for the geological map Crowdsourcing data for the geological map

We need your help to improve the geological map!

Blueprint Blueprint

Our next generation of products to replace BGS Geology, Ground Conditions, and BGS Geosure.


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