Future Cities

Geoscience foundations for a resilient urban future

 London 2036 — Your vision for the UK's capital

The Future Cities Catapult London 2036 exhibit at the Somerset House Big Bang Data exhibition uses an interactive gaming model to find out how our decisions on housing, transport and resources might change London's urban fabric. Working with the Future Cities Catapult on London 2036, we explore London's changing environment and the role of natural science in securing our future.

London trainVENTURE: Valuing the ENvironment for Urban Resilience and Enterprise

NERC Knowledge Exchange Fellow, Stephanie Bricker is working alongside the Future Cities Catapult to demonstrate the value of environmental data to address key urban challenges such as brownfield redevelopment, air quality, subsurface mapping. The fellowship tackles issues around data discoverability, integration with city models and use-case development.

 UK City Geo-Resilience

What makes a city resilient from a geological perspective and how do the UK's largest and fastest growing cities compare? This project considers how we might define geo-resilience and uses metrics relating to geological resources, ground conditions and geological hazards to evaluate geo-resilience across the urban fabric.


Future townThought Pieces for the GO-Science Foresight Future of Cities project:

Future Cities blog articles

GeoBlogyFuture visions for water and cities... by Stephanie Bricker

With eight grand challenges, five bold future visions and 200 co-creators, the UK Water Partnership opened the debate on water for our future cities.

GeoBlogyVerticality and the Anthropocene: Politics and law of the subsurface... by Stephanie Bricker

Exploring the ideas emerging from a session at the 2015 Royal Geographical Society conference and the mix of social perspectives and practical applications.

GeoBlogyReconnecting the City: Historic Urban Landscape and the role of geology...by Deodato Tapete

In his book review, Deodato Tapete, Applied Urban Geologist at BGS, examines the current challenges and opportunities for the Historic Urban Landscape in future cities.


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