Glasgow and the Clyde Basin — Clyde Urban Super Project (CUSP)

Glasgow, Scotland's largest city, is built along the  upper Clyde estuary and lower River Clyde. In the heart of the city are the Clyde Gateway and Clyde Waterfront areas — the national urban regeneration priority for Scotland over the next 25 years.

This regeneration is intended to stimulate economic growth, drive smaller community regeneration projects, and tackle concentrated deprivation resulting from industrial decline.

To underpin this regeneration we are developing integrated and attributed dynamic shallow-earth 3D models in partnership with Glasgow City Council and other organisations.

This transdisciplinary project aims to make geoscience information more accessible, relevant and understandable to the wide range of users involved in the sustainable regeneration and development of Glasgow and the Clyde Gateway.

Research themes

Finnieston Bridge, Glasgow. Sometimes known as The Squinty Bridge


Contact Helen Fallas or Fiona Fordyce for further information on CUSP.