Renewables and energy security

The renewables and energy security team are investigating ways in which the UK can utilise cleaner forms of energy. The UK benefits from a number of renewable energy options including geothermal and our coal reserves are beginning to be exploited in a carbon free manner.

We are also exploring alternative sources of natural gas, options for the underground storage of gas, and we provide unique biostratigraphical skills to the hydrocarbons industry.

We are involved in research and development to improve our understanding of the UK's geothermal, coal bed methane, underground coal gasification and shale gas resources and how these can be utilised in the UK's energy mix.

We are working on the following topics:

  • potential of disused mine workings as a geothermal resource in urban areas
  • geothermal potential resulting from the blanketing effect of sedimentary rocks over hot, deeper rocks
  • GIS of the distribution, depth and nature of the UK's geothermal resources
  • GIS of the distribution of coal and shale reserves and their gas contents
  • suitability maps for ground source heat

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For further information please contact Dr Jonathan Busby.