Earth and planetary observation and monitoring (EPOM)

3D Model, derived from Hexakopter photography, showing a Coastal Landslide at Aldbrough, East Riding of Yorkshire.

Remote Sensing Lab - BGS Keyworth

This team utilises a wide range of earth observation techniques across applications. The development and application of remote sensing data and techniques focuses on:

A wide range of data are used in our research including:

  • Landsat, ASTER and Radarsat for UK and international projects
  • national baseline data, such as aerial photography and elevation models of the UK
  • airborne hyperspectral for mineral waste mapping and future CO2 storage monitoring (ARSF)
  • Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) terrain models with THEMIS day and night thermal imagery

We have a world class remote sensing facility with state-of-the-art processing systems and expertise:

  • member of European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL)
  • synthetic aperture radar (GAMMA/SAR, PUNET)
  • digital photogrammetry (BAE Socet and GXP)
  • image processing (ENVI, ERDAS)
  • 3D visualisation (Geovisionary)

Our research interests include the following themes

  • Geohazards
    • landslides
    • volcanology
    • International Charter project manager
  • Environmental change and impacts
    • CO2 storage monitoring
    • mine waste mapping
  • Information and environmental modelling
    • BGS•SIGMAmobile
    • Geovisionary
  • Energy, minerals and waste
    • mineral exploration
    • mineral mapping
  • Geological and geophysical survey
    • geological mapping
    • ground truthing



Earth Observation for Monitoring and Observing Environmental and Societal Impacts of Mineral Resources Exploitation


European Volcano Observatory Space Services

furturevolc logoFUTUREVOLC

European volcanological supersite in Iceland

international charter logo International Charter

Space and major disasters

pangeo logo PanGeo

GMES downstream to enable free access to geohazard information

planet volc picture Planetary volcanism

Studies into volcanism on Mars


Strengthening Resilience in Volcanic Areas.

subcoast logo Subcoast

GMES downstream for subsidence hazards in coastal lowland areas

Terrafirms logo Terrafirma

ESA GMES pan-European ground motion hazard information service

UAV gas detection systemUnmanned aerial vehicle – gas modelling
Development of a small UAV gas detection system aimed at the energy sector

Student Research Projects

The BGS works alongside universities, co-funding student research projects in volcanology through BUFI (BGS and Universities Funding Initiative)


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