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Sarah Donoghue talks about her PhD research in just three minutes

Edinburgh BUFI DTP PhD student Sarah Donoghue was selected from candidates across all disciplines at the university to make it to the final of the Edinburgh University Three-minute Thesis Competition in July.

The Three-minute Thesis (®3MT) is an academic competition developed by the University of Queensland, Australia. It challenges doctoral candidates to present a compelling, spoken presentation on their research topic and its significance in just three minutes. ®3MT's success has led to the establishment of local and national competitions in several countries.

Sarah's successful presentation on her project, entitled 'PRELUDE: PREdictive modelling of Lead concentrations Using g-base Datasets for urban Environments'.

BUFI student Anna Bidgood Geology in Ladakh, Himalaya

Anna's PhD fieldwork takes her to the Indian Himalaya where she has mapped and collected metamorphic rocks from the remote ultra high-pressure Tso Morari dome in Ladakh. She undertakes a variety of petrological, geochemical and modelling techniques as well as trying to understand the timing of metamorphic reactions using high precision geochronology on a variety of minerals. Anna is with the Oxford Doctoral Training Programme and her PhD, 'Subduction and exhumation of the Tso Morari dome, Ladakh, Himalay', is supervised by Nick Roberts at the BGS and Professor Mike Searle and Dave Waters at the University of Oxford.

BUFI student Tim Gregory on the BBC's Astronauts

Tim was one of the finalists on the BBC's astronauts programme in 2017 and as a result he has taken part in numerous post broadcast public appearances. He has been highly sought to inspire children to aim high. Watch him talk about his PhD in this short clip. Full episodes of the show are available on the BBC website. Tim's PhD 'Tracking solar nebula evolution with analyses of single chondrules' is supervised by Stephen Noble at BGS and Tim Elliott and Chris Coath at the University of Bristol along with S. Russell from the Natural History Museum. Tim started his PhD in 2015. Follow Tim on Twitter @TimCosmos

Biography of a mountain by BUFI student Stacy Phillips

BUFI student Stacy Philips received second prize in the On The Rocks geological video contest for her stop motion Lego video Biography of a mountain. 'On the rocks' is a geological video contest aimed at a wider audience of non-specialists. Participants have to use all their creative skills to make an informal video, where they explain their research, passions or new ideas regarding the Earth, but in only 180 seconds! This is Stacy’s second prize for her video, her first was received for the Open University Graduate School Multimedia competition for which she won the People's choice category. Stacy's PhD 'When did crustal melting form the soft centre at the heart of the Himalaya?' is supervised by Nick Roberts at BGS and Tom Argles at The Open University. Stacy started her PhD in 2016 with the CENTA Doctoral Training Programme. Follow Stacey on Twitter @Shtacy_Phillips

BUFI Science Festival 2017 podcast

In this podcast BUFI students Eleni Wood and Stacy Phillips chat with fellow PhD students at the 2017 BUFI Science Festival. Their PhDs are supervised by Nick Roberts at BGS. Eleni started her PhD 'Crust-mantle exchange in orogenic lower crust: the record in high temperature eclogites' in 2015 and is supervised by Clare Warren at The Open University. Stacy started her PhD 'When did crustal melting form the soft centre at the heart of the Himalaya?' the following year with the CENTA Doctoral Training Programme' and is supervised by Tom Argles at The Open University. Follow them on Twitter @EleniWood and @Shtacy_Phillips.