Regional subsurface memoirs

Structure and evolution of the Northumberland - Solway Basin and adjacent areas The structure and evolution of the Craven Basin and adjacent areas Structure and evolution of the south-west Pennine Basin and adjacent area (subsurface Memoir) Structure and evolution of the East Midlands region of the Pennine Basin

These accounts detail the structure and stratigraphy of regions of the UK (see map) and their evolution through time.

They are essentially regional in scope, detailing particularly the deeper concealed geology of each area. The results are largely summarised in a series of 625K scale structure contour and isopach maps, and associated palaeogeographical maps, sections and correlation diagrams. The accompanying written account is intended as a regional review, as an explanation and partial amplification of the maps and as a summary of basin evolution and tectonic history. They are based on an exhaustive analysis and interpretation of all relevant data, principally seismic reflection, borehole and surface geological data, together with gravity and magnetic data.

Example map