Radon protection reports

Radon is a natural radioactive gas, which enters buildings from the ground and can cause lung cancer.

If you are buying, building or extending a home, then you need to know about radon, and there are several reports available for you.

Homes with addresses including postcodes

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If the home has a full postal address including a postcode then you can obtain a Radon Risk Report (£3+VAT) online from UKradon

This report will tell you if the home is in a radon affected area, which you need to know if buying or living in it, and if you need to install radon protective measures, if you are planning to extend it.

Homes without postcodes

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If you are building a new home then you are unlikely to have a full postal address for it.

You can obtain a report from GeoReports service, located using grid references or site plans, which will tell you whether you need to install radon protective measures when building the home.

More information

For further information about radon affected areas and radon protective measures see Radon data: radon potential dataset

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