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Carbon 'leak' test shows risk of damage to marine life
This is Cornwall
In a world first, scientists from Plymouth Marine Laboratory are part of a team investigating the environmental impacts through a controlled carbon leak at ...

Experiment to Study CCS Storage Site Leak Effect Successfully ...
... the injection of CO2 from a shore-based laboratory into shallow marine ... Carbon Storage (QICS) led by Plymouth Marine Laboratory in collaboration with ...

World's first CCS leak experiment completed in sea off Scotland
The Guardian
The experiment, led by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, began in May and is focused on assessing the safety of CCS . The technology captures carbon dioxide ...

Western Morning News
Carbon capture leak tests show minimal impact


QICS experiment: replicated CO2 leak from a CCS sub seabed ...
QICS is funded by RCUK / NERC and led by Plymouth Marine Laboratory, in collaboration ...

Responding to Climate Change
Would a CCS leak be as damaging as the BP Gulf of Mexico oil disaster?

Planet Earth Online
World-first experiment tests carbon capture and storage in Scotland

Scientists probe leak risk from seabed CO2 stores

Scientific American
Leaking CO2 Fails to Cause Marine Catastrophe

Global CCS Institute
Leaking CO2 from offshore carbon capture not likely to harm environment, researchers say

World-first experiment on carbon-capture completes first stage

Carbon capture leak tests show minimal impact

International Ocean Systems
Novel carbon capture leak tests show minimal impact