QICS Achievements

Numbers, observations and samples collected for the QICS controlled release of CO2 beneath the sea bed include at least:

  • 348 metre-long borehole drilled from land through bedrock to the release point;
  • 12 metre thickness of post-glacial sediment above the end of the release pipe;
  • 12 metre water depth above the release point;
  • 4.2 tonnes of CO2 released into the sediment underlying the seabed;
  • 260 individual dives during the experiment;
  • 650 sediment core samples collected for analysis of fauna, microbiology and sediment biogeochemistry;
  • 150 sea urchins handpicked by divers;
  • 24 cages of mussels and scallops (indicator species) placed on the sea bed;
  • 1600 metres of underwater cable laid out on the sea bed by divers;
  • 1600 metres of underwater cable collected up from the sea bed by divers;
  • 4000 underwater images taken during the project;
  • 20 GB of image files captured by underwater videography;
  • 200 deployments/recoveries of underwater instruments;
  • 500 water samples were taken for chemical analysis;
  • 50 casts of a water conductivity, temperature, and depth sensor from the Soel Mara boat;
  • 6 deployments of battery-controlled miniature submarines launched from boat or land;
  • 12 different instruments deployed at the site during most of the experimental release;
  • 230 000 data points collected by a single sea bed water sensor.