BGS GeoSure

BGS GeoSure sample

BGS GeoSure coverage

Scale 1:50 000
Coverage Great Britain
Format GIS polygon data (ESRI, MapInfo, others available by request)
Price 80p per km2 for all 6 themes. Individual themes:
  • collapsible deposits 5p per km2
  • compressible ground 20p per km2
  • landslides 30p per km2
  • running sands 20p per km2
  • shrink swell 30p per km2
  • soluble rocks 15p per km2
Subject to number of users, licence fee and data preparation fee.

BGS GeoSure national datasets provide geological information about potential ground movement or subsidence that can help planning decisions.

This data also provides essential information for the BGS Natural Ground Stability GeoReport.

Download free BGS GeoSure example datasets for ESRI or MapInfo applications.

BGS GeoSure data gives you information about:

Collapsible deposits BGS GeoSure: collapsible depositsProperty Hazard Information

Some types of ground, can collapse when a load (such as a building or road traffic) is placed on them and when they become saturated. Such collapse may cause damage to overlying property.

Compressible ground Compressible groundProperty Hazard Information

Some types of ground, can contain layers of very soft materials like clay or peat. These may compress if loaded by overlying structures, or if the groundwater level changes, potentially resulting in depression of the ground and disturbance of foundations.

BGS GeoSure: landslides BGS GeoSure: landslidesProperty Hazard Information

Some types of ground, may be susceptible to a landslide hazard. Downslope movement of materials, such as a landslide or rockfall may lead to a loss of support and damage to buildings.

BGS GeoSure: running sand BGS GeoSure: running sandProperty Hazard Information

Some types of ground, can contain loosely packed sandy layers that can become fluidized by water flowing through them. Such sands can 'run', removing support from overlying buildings and causing potential damage.

BGS GeoSure: shrink–swell BGS GeoSure: shrink–swellProperty Hazard Information

Some types of ground, can change volume due to variation in moisture. The changing volume can cause ground movement which could potentially affect building foundations, pipes or services.

BGS GeoSure: soluble rocks BGS GeoSure: soluble rocksProperty Hazard Information

Some types of ground, contain layers of material that can be dissolved by water. This can cause underground cavities to develop. These cavities reduce support to the ground above and can lead to a collapse of overlying material.


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Hutton field: well correlation diagram.