NHDA holdings

The NHDA makes archive data available to the public at low cost. The medium- to long-term aim is that archived data will be made available online (if this is appropriate for the data type), when BGS develops its infrastructure for online access to data. However, at present data can only be supplied by the NHDA on appropriate modern media, or can be delivered by ftp or email. Archived post-stack seismic data and well data in the CDA DataStore can be accessed and downloaded online by CDA members. The CDA DataStore also provides post-stack seismic data to the public on behalf of the NHDA, offline.

Note that the DECC/NHDA Agreement contains some restrictions on the NHDA in the provision of certain categories of well data, and seismic section data, which are only available from DECC Data Release Agents rather than from the NHDA.

For well data, the NHDA cannot publish any logs or other Basic Set well data (as defined in PON9) for exploration and appraisal wells until twenty years after the well completion date. It can publish other reports that are not specified in PON9, and all data for archived development wells. Note however, there are no restrictions on CDA members downloading NHDA data from the CDA DataStore.

Information on the wells and the seismic surveys archived with the NHDA is posted on DEAL.

BG, BHP Billiton, BP, Chevron, CNR, RWE DEA, Shell and Total have archived wells and seismic surveys with the NHDA. Kerr McGee began archiving of the Hutton Field, and this process was completed by Maersk.

Information on the wells and the seismic surveys archived with the NHDA is posted on DEAL.

Currently archived Licence Data:

110/04- 1 110/18- 1 110/18- 2 110/18- 2Z
111/15- 1 111/25- 1 111/25- 1A 111/29- 1
164/25- 1 164/25- 1Z 164/25- 2 204/21-1
204/22- 1 204/22- 2 204/22- 2Z 204/23- 1
211/08b- 3 211/18- 13 211/18- 13A 211/18-N1
211/28- 1A 211/28- 2 211/28- 3 211/28- 4
211/18-N2 211/18-N3 211/18-N4 211/18a- 23
211/18a- 24 211/27- 1 211/27- 1A 211/27- 2
211/28-H1 211/28-H10 211/28-H11 211/28-H12
211/28-H13 211/28-H14 211/28-H15 211/28-H16
211/28-H17 211/28-H18 211/28-H18Y 211/28-H18Z
211/28-H19 211/28-H2 211/28-H20 211/28-H20Z
211/28-H21 211/28-H22 211/28-H23 211/28-H24
211/28-H25 211/28-H26 211/28-H26Z 211/28-H27
211/28-H28 211/28-H29 211/28-H3 211/28-H30
211/28-H31 211/28-H31Z 211/28-H32 211/28-H32Y
211/28-H32Z 211/28-H33 211/28-H33Z 211/28-H34
211/28-H35 211/28-H36 211/28-H37 211/28-H38
211/28-H39 211/28-H4 211/28-H40 211/28-H41
211/28-H41Z 211/28-H42 211/28-H5 211/28-H6
211/28-H6Z 211/28-H7 211/28-H7Z 211/28-H8
211/28-H9 211/28a-H43 211/28a-H43Z 211/28a-H44
211/28a-H45 48/23b- 6 49/07a- 1 49/07a- 3
97/19- 1 97/24- 1 97/24- 1A 9/10c- 2
107/01-1 110/06- 2 28/10- 1 28/10a- 2
49/09b- 6 49/09b- 6Z

See location of all NHDA owned wells on a map

Seismic Surveys
AM782D1002 AM812D1004 AM822D1003 AT812D1001
AT822D1013 AT852D1002 BG043DFLNT BG942D0002
BG962D0001 BH972D2001 BO823F0001 BP852D1007
BP852D1008 BP862D1004 BP892D1006 BP902D2001
BP933F0005 CN903F0001 CV933F0001 EC932D0001
EC942D0001 EC952D0001 EL963F0001 AM792D0001
AM882D0008 AR812D0008 AT812D1009 BB922D1001
BN802D1015 BN812D1006 BO862D1008 BP812D0004

2D Seismic for Site Surveys
CV94SS0001 EB01SS0001 EB99SS0001

P26 (49/7a) P551 P557 P857
P858 P868 PP869 P870
P871 P937 P943 P943
P987 P1027 P1102