Depositing with the NHDA

NHDA archive process. Click to enlarge.

A five-phase archive process has been designed to archive Licence Data. The first four phases assist licensees to identify correctly the Licence Data being considered for archiving, and to determine whether to proceed to phase 5, which is archive implementation.

Archive options

Subject to the approval of an application made to DECC, a Licensee may archive either:

1) Licence Data for a Licence

An agreed selection of data for a named Licence, or a (non-contiguous) block, part-block or sub-area within that Licence, which either has already been, or which is about to be relinquished.

2) Licence Data for a Field

An agreed selection of data for a Field approaching COP, or at COP. The Field must be clearly expressed in terms of the Licence(s) by which it is bounded, and is defined spatially as the area within the agreed Field Determination Boundary (FDB). There may be exceptions in a stratigraphical or vertical sense, which will be treated as special cases.

3) Licence Data for a Seismic Survey

Although most seismic surveys can be attributed to a Licensee, it is not always possible to associate a survey with the Licence under which it was acquired, or a survey may be associated with more than one Licence. Therefore, data for a seismic survey can be archived independently of the Licence or Licences under which the survey was acquired. This also applies to other types of geophysical survey data.

4) Licence Data for a Well

Data for wells will normally be archived as part of the process to archive all Licence Data for a relinquished Licence or Field at COP. However, depending on certain criteria, Licensees may be given approval by DECC to archive data for single or multiple wells independently of the Licence under which they were drilled.

5) Well Cores and Samples

Well cores and samples are not covered by the Model Clauses of The Petroleum Act in terms of perpetual data retention. However, Licensees are obliged to retain cores and samples for a minimum period of five years after the well spud-date, and after this period must give DECC six months notice in writing before they can dispose of the material. Notifications of disposal can be made for an individual well, multiple wells, or entire collections. Licensees can also dispose of core and sample material as a component of archiving a well with the NHDA (which does not need 6 months notice).

6) Site-survey Data

Site surveys are conducted in the vicinity of planned wells, offshore installations and pipeline routes for geotechnical, geohazard and environmental purposes DECC requires that multi-channel, 2D- and 3D-seismic data acquired to determine drilling hazards (for example, to detect shallow gas) during site surveys, and well site-survey reports (but not the actual survey data), be retained as Licence Data in perpetuity. Relief from this obligation can be gained by archiving the survey data with the NHDA using the seismic surveys process.

Other types of site-survey data are not subject to the data retention obligations. However, DECC recommends that any such data no longer required by a Licensee be offered to the UK Marine Environmental Data Information Network (MEDIN )at any time after acquisition of the data. MEDIN will then archive the data in its network of Data Archive Centres.

Archive endowment fees charged by the NHDA

Data category NHDA Endowment fee
Relinquished Licence £1000 per Licence archived. Plus per well and per seismic survey fees as appropriate (see below for details)
Field £5000 per Field archived (but may be varied up or down depending on data volumes). Plus per well and per seismic survey fees as appropriate (see below for details)
Seismic survey or geophysical survey £500 per survey archived £150 per 3590 tape and £200 per 3592 tape submitted directly to the NHDA (field and pre-stack data). Contact CDA for the cost of loading/archiving post-stack and ancillary data via the CDA Seismic DataStore
Well £250 per well archived (well data completed in the CDA Well DataStore) or £750 per well archived (well data supplied directly to the NHDA)
Well cores and samples The fee depends on the volume and type of material being archived, and is subject to negotiation between the Licensee and the NHDA
Site-survey data Cost depends of formats and volumes of data

The NHDA may review the individual fees and the fee structure at any time.

These fees are one-off payments made by the Licence Operator during phase 5 of the archive process. There are no further ongoing fees or charges for the Licence Data once archived.

VAT is applicable to all fees.