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BGS scientists are regularly involved in explaining their research to the media. Please contact the Press Office to arrange an interview.

If you intend to film our staff using BGS material, such as maps and data, we will ask you to complete a media-usage licence agreement.


Rock Types at Great Heights [September, 2012] Geologist, Leanne Hughes, provided advice and GeoVisionary video clips.


Volcanic ash cloud: Could it get worse? Dr Kathryn Goodenough @ 1 mins 28s [May 2011]

Japan 8.9 Mw earthquake 11 March 2011 | Interview with BGS seismologist Dr Roger Musson [11 March 2011]

Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand 21 Feb 2011 | Interview with BGS seismologist Dr Roger Musson [21 Feb 2011]


Stonehenge | The boy with the amber necklace | BBC East Midlands Today Dr Jane Evans @ 11 s [8 Nov 2010]

Blue Peter featuring cut-out 3D model of Eyjafjallajökull volcano, Iceland [17 May 2010]


Carbon capture and storage (CCS) - Mike Stephenson, BGS, taken from BBC Inside Out [9 February 2009]


Britain from Above: Wealth Beneath Britain, Dr Kathryn Goodenough @ 13s [October 2008]

King Coal: BGS on BBC Inside Out, East Midlands, Interviews with Andrew Bloodworth, Head of BGS Minerals, @ 4 mins 48s and Mike Stephenson, Head of Energy, BGS, @ 8 mins 57s.[October 2008]