Social media

You can find BGS communicating about research, news and services on a range of social media channels. Our main corporate accounts are:

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As a public funded body, we are committed to open and transparent conversations and as such use social media to engage with as wide an audience as possible.

Have a look at these other accounts held by our science teams and individual members of staff.


We try to respond as quickly as we can to all direct questions on our social media channels, but if it's technical or complex we may need to forward it onto our enquiries team to answer. In these instances we'll ask for your patience and get back to you as soon as we can.

We operate our social media channels during office hours, Monday to Friday, so any questions sent at weekends or evenings will be looked at some time the next working day. If your question is urgent you should send it directly to our enquiries team, who aim to get you the best information in the shortest possible time.


If you have felt an earthquake you can alert us through any of our social media channels, but to make the best scientific use of your experience we ask that you complete our online questionnaire. These structured questions help our seismologists determine the event's intensity and how far it was felt.

During the busy time that immediately follows a widely felt earthquake we'll be prioritising enquiries from Category 1 responders (police, local councils, etc.) and the media, who help to disseminate our information to a much wider audience than we could manage on our own. As we cannot answer everyone individually we urge you to look out for links in our tweets and Facebook posts, as we'll be updating web pages as quickly as possible.

Northern Lights

If you can see the Northern Lights you can tweet a comment or photo using the hashtag #BGSaurora, include your postcode (e.g. EH9 3LA), town name (e.g. Edinburgh), or geotag your tweet using the tweet location feature. You can then see your tweet on our GeoSocial aurora map.


We appreciate every single act of friendship we get on social media. However, please understand we cannot reciprocate every follow as our account would become too large to manage effectively.


We hope to use our channels to share quality content that will educate, enlighten and excite you about earth science and the work we do. In pursuit of this we will also disseminate links and images from trusted partners and organisations that we believe are of interest to you. However, this does not automatically mean that we endorse their content.

Protecting our trusted voice of impartiality is of utmost importance to us, so we regret that we cannot share everything we are sent or mentioned in.


We abide by each channel's own conduct rules and any of our followers and friends who contravene these will be reported, banned and their comments deleted. We will also delete any libel, 'spam' or 'trolling' content.


If you're an employee of the BGS or a partner organisation looking to reach out to different audiences, you'll find excellent resources on the NERC website, including a getting started guide and social media guidelines and best practice.


For more advice and help please contact the BGS social media manager, Kirstin Lemon.