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Here is a round up of metrics for November 2017. For all social media, the item shown is the most popular this month.

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Conceptual model of nitrate

Hidden pollution beneath our feet threatens water supplies worldwide. Groundwater researchers at the British Geological Survey (BGS) have found a major store of pollution sitting in the rocks beneath our feet that could have severe global-scale consequences for our rivers, water supplies, human health and the economy.

10 November 2017, 848 downloads

Press releases for November 2017

Top ten web pages

  1. BGS home page, 72,483 visitors
  2. Lexicon, 25,516 visitors
  3. Downloads, 18,375 visitors
  4. Geology of Britain viewer, 17,027 visitors
  5. Map and map data viewers, 16,253 visitors
  6. Maps portal, 12,543 visitors
  7. Search borehole scans, 7,977 visitors
  8. Sinkholes (or dolines), 5,698 visitors
  9. GeoIndex, 5,678 visitors
  10. Search the BGS website, 5,634 visitors

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25,300 Twitter followers

#OTD in 1797, Sir Charles Lyell was born so today would have been his 220nd birthday!