COVID–19 staff information: Working remotely

If you are working outside of a BGS office you will still be able to access services, including Outlook email and Office365 applications. Other services will require an encrypted laptop and/or a Vasco token/MFA access. For more information please download the SNS Home Working Guide.

SNS thank everyone for their patience whilst waiting for any issues to be resolved, they are working through them as fast as they can. Please email the respective helpdesks ( for Keyworth and for The Lyell Centre) if you have any problems.

If you experience any difficulties during off–site work, the IT department, SNS, is available during normal office working hours. Please do not take IT equipment home (laptops excluded) without informing Christine Cole, if you don't take this step and the equipment gets damaged you will be liable.

If you need to gain access to any of the BGS sites, or just need help and advice, please contact the following people with the first request for all sites to Karen Hanghøj.

  • BGS Keyworth: Gaynor Delaney, Mel Leng, Mike Stephenson, Pete Lyons Lewis.
  • BGS Edinburgh: Tracy Shimmield
  • BGS Wallingford: David MacDonald
  • BGS Belfast: Marie Cowan
  • BGS Cardiff: Alan Holden

Additional IT equipment for a working from home environment

BGS is managing the purchase of additional emergency IT equipment for home use centrally via SNS, rather than staff purchasing and claiming the cost back as described by UKRI. This is designed to ensure you have the right equipment to make your home working environment as good as it can be.

If you require a monitor, mouse, keyboard, office chair, headset, or other reasonable items, etc. please send an email to the SNS help desk at or Your request will be actioned as soon as possible with delivery direct to your home address. Dual monitor setups are excluded. Bear in mind that there is a high demand for office equipment so please be patient.

Other information

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