BGS Covid-19 related research

Seismologists report drop in Earth’s movement amid coronavirus lockdown

The BGS seismology team, together with a number of scientists across Europe, have been studying a drop in ambient seismic noise during the coronavirus lockdown. People staying at home has a noticeable effect on the UK’s seismic noise.

BGS has seismometers around the UK and, since lockdown began, there has been a 10-50% drop in vibrations. Read more.

Review of impacts on mineral and metal raw materials

The BGS will be conducting a review of the current and likely COVID-19 impacts on the UK security of the supply of mineral and metal raw materials. Further information can be found on the BGS website:

Revised methodology for geological and hydrogeological reports for agencies in support of their Covid-19 emergency duties

BGS currently operates a core service to deliver detailed geological and hydrological information for the expansion of existing or the development of new cemeteries.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, BGS has revised its methodology to provide a rapid turnaround time for these enquiries, should the situation arise that there is an increase in requests from Local Authorities or other regulatory bodies. (For information, as of 1 May 2020, there have been no additional requests.)