BGS supporting home schooling during Covid-19

Across social media, BGS have been providing activities and information to help families explore geology during lockdown.

Leanne Hughes, BGS survey geologist has started a ‘jam jar geology’ video series. In each video, Leanne demonstrates a short geology-based activity and encourages the audience to take part. Watch on YouTube.

BGS has a whole host of exciting learning resources called Discovering Geology. You can find out about the geology of Britain, how earthquakes happen, Climate Change and the mind blowing subject that is geological time. If you fancy getting arty you can make a map or even cut out and make your own 3D Icelandic glacier. If you are a fan of LEGO, then there are instructions on how to make your very own LEGO seismometer, so that you can measure your own earth tremors.

The BGS blog, Geoblogy, features regular articles containing ideas of geology experiments, arts and crafts, as well as geology courses.

On Twitter, BGS minerals geologist, Clive Mitchell, took on the role of Rock Doctor. He helped diagnose and share clues about the origins of BGS Twitter follower’s rocks.