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We are very aware that many who have worked in London either have data or know of the existence of data that is valuable, but have no reason for telling anyone about it!

Tell us about your data using the guidelines below:

Odd occurrences

A few words of description e.g. 4 BH's in London Clay all OK but 5th was unusual — soft and gravelly — and a National Grid reference number to locate it:

Data that could be lost

A few words of what is there e.g. core logs from 1950's, west London and contact details so we can it follow up.

Records that could be made available

A few words e.g. GI reports Docklands 1968–75 and contact details so we can it follow up.

Records in the hands of those who do not appreciate their value

A few words e.g. tunnel face logs north London that showed varying conditions and contact details so we can it follow up.

Anything else

We suggest you just use the same format as above.

During the work of the Forum it is our intention to refer to the Portal on a regular basis and when the project ends with the publication of its findings, to leave the data accumulated through the Portal as a File on Open Access with the British Geological Survey. Please tell us if you do not want your information deposited in that way.

Contact us

E-mail us at info@firststeps.eu.com

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