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The geological evolution of the London Basin and its response to neo-tectonics includes so many aspects of science and engineering that no one should be excluded from participating in the project.

Regional scale

At a regional scale it looks as if the Basin could be a beautifully investigated prototype for similar situations elsewhere, where the tectonic response of basement rocks has affected the development of its cover. This includes the response of the region to glacial loading and unloading, including the 'bulge' that might have developed south of the glaciers, and the reactivation of weaker lines within the basement with their expression at ground level, where they have been eroded by flowing water to create the landscape of the Thames tributaries as we know them now.

Medium scale

At a medium scale it is possible that facies changes in the latter stages of the Mesozoic, and within the Cenozoic might reflect such movements in the basement. Above sea level it is possible that a correlation can be seen with the development of weathering and drainage patterns. Synthetic radar scans also suggest Recent vertical movements that could be related to lineaments in the basement.

Local scale

At a local scale there is already evidence that certain periglacial features such as pingos, appear to have developed along structural lines, possibly utilising hydraulic pathways provided by faults at depth that were disturbed by glacial loading and impressed themselves through their cover.

Thus the experiences of many disciplines within geology have a contribution to make. Nothing has been said here of palaeontology, the environment, groundwater and the response of man in London to rising sea levels, and many other subjects.

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