Joint London Basin Model

3D Geological Map of London. CLICK TO ENLARGE. Reproduced with the permission of the British Geological Survey ©NERC. All rights reserved.

The London Basin Forum was assembled to bring together and develop a baseline model of the London Basin called the Joint London Basin Model. The model will synthesise the geology therein and place it for the first time in a more representative setting, so that the London Basins structure and sedimentary evolution can be studied in time and place. This will be of significant value to engineers and environmental managers.


The London Basin Forum recognised that the task of assembling known facts is beyond the means of any one organisation, whether academic, commercial or the British Geological Survey (BGS). Therefore the Joint London Basin Model will have inputs from leading scientists and engineers familiar with London and in that respect it will be better resourced and scientifically sounder than any other model presently existing in private or institutional hands because it will benefit from the scientific input freely given from many. It will belong to no-one but would be the base against which commercial and other models could be calibrated. If you wish to contribute to the Joint London Basin Model do so by providing data that can be freely used (see portal for details).

Data storage

The Forum will also develop either a publication or publications which record the unique model being revealed and its implications for present day life. The model needs to be housed somewhere and at present the most obvious place for this appears to be with the British Geological Survey.

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