International geochemistry

The BGS has had a long history of collaborative international geochemical projects involving regional baseline mapping and health and environment studies. This work is described in:

Section 2.11 of: Johnson, C C.  2011.  Geochemistry@BGS: a guide to geochemical data at the British Geological Survey.  British Geological Survey 64pp.(OR/09/028)(Unpublished).

International regional geochemical mapping (outside Europe)

Major mapping projects in the 1970s, 80s and early 90s were sponsored by the UK Overseas Development (ODA), now the Department for International Development (DFID). These earlier projects are described in:

Jones, R C, and Coats, J S.  1993. Sources of geochemical data collected by the International Division since 1965.  British Geological Survey Technical report, WC/93/17. This report is available from the BGS Sales Desk.

Results from these early ODA projects exist in hardcopy reports or geochemical atlases though digital data for Sumatra (Indonesia), Eastern Bolivia, Northern Peru, Kenya (Samburu-Marsabit), Zimbabwe (north-east and Harare) and Solomon Islands (Choiseul and New Georgia) are available on CD as part of the International Regional Geochemistry CD-ROM Series.

The more recent geochemical mapping projects have been funded by national governments or international development banks, e.g. Ecuador, Morocco, Mauritania and Nigeria.

Responsibility for the geochemical reports and results for such projects rests with the respective geological surveys but BGS retains knowledge and experience of completing such work.

Staff from the BGS have been and continue to be active contributors to the IUGS/IAGC-sponsored Global Geochemical Baselines project.

Environmental geochemistry and health projects

Our staff work with other national surveys and international groups on environmental geochemistry and health projects. The BGS Medical Geology team are involved in studies that relate natural geological factors and human health. Fiona Fordyce is Regional Councillor for the Internaional Medical Geology Association (IMGA).

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