Geochemical maps and atlases

Geochemical maps are the principle means of presenting G–BASE’s regional stream sediment, stream water and soil data. These are interpolated images and published at various scales. In the past geochemical data were published as a series of hardcopy geochemical atlases for certain regions of the UK. For information on published atlases see bottom of this page or go to the regional geochemical atlas series. The latest geochemical atlas produced by the project is the interactive online Advanced soil geochemical atlas of England and Wales.

Google Earth with environmental data sets markers Sample index maps
These pages show site locations from important environmental data sets held by BGS for a variety of sample types - stream water, stream sediment and soils. The Google Earth place marker labels describe the chemical results available from each site. Download Google earth to use this application.

The G–BASE regional geochemical atlas series

More information about G-BASE regional geochemical atlas series.The principal hardcopy product of the G–BASE project is a series of regional geochemical atlases based on atlas areas (see index map). The majority of atlases are for stream sediments with data on stream waters and soils included where available. Separate stream sediment/soil and stream water atlases have been published for Wales. Geochemical data for the atlas areas Humber–Trent, East Midlands and East Anglia are presented by the latest online web atlas of Central and Eastern England.

The project is currently sampling within the SE England atlas area.

Geochemical data information

For G–BASE data sales and products go to G–BASE enquiries or email enquiries. Alternatively, search the BGS Geoindex for the availability of G–BASE soil, water and stream sediment data in the UK.