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G-BASE Field procedures manual
G-BASE booklet 6.35 MB pdf

Reports on the geochemical baselines of several urban areas including:


G-BASE Endnote Bibliographic database 180 KB pdf
Geochemistry@BGS : a guide to geochemical data at the British Geological Survey 5 MB pdf
History of G–BASE 83 KB pdf

Summary of Geochemical Atlas Information 281 KB pdf

Geochemical Atlas reference list 37 KB pdf

Book chapters

The collection of drainage samples for environmental analyses

Data conditioning of environmental geochemical data : quality control procedures used in the British Geological Survey's regional geochemical mapping project

Flyers and factsheets
G–BASE field sampling factsheet 2.64 KB pdf
London Earth flyer 474.53 KB pdf
Advanced soil geochemical atlas of England and Wales
downloaded as a set of interpolated concentrations 20.5 MB zip
downloaded the atlas PDF 24.6 MB pdf
view the atlas e-book
G–BASE Regional Soil Samples 1.44 MB pdf
Distribution of G–BASE soil sample sites 1.25 MB pdf
Distribution of G–BASE stream sediment sites 1.71 MB pdf

Environmental Geochemical Atlas for Central and Eastern England 39.5 MB pdf Portfolio

National geochemistry maps of stream sediments 34.63 MB pdf Portfolio

Please download Adobe Reader 9.3 to view as pdf portfolio.

pH in stream waters map 2.64 MB pdf

Conductivity in stream waters map 2.34 MB pdf
London Earth geochemistry maps
Arsenic (As) Cadmium (Cd) Calcium (Ca) Chromium (Cr) Copper (Cu)
Iron (Fe) Lead (Pb) Nickel (Ni) Selenium (Se) Zinc (Zn)
Download all ten geochemical maps in one portfolio

Sampling pictures – Visit our regional and urban galleries

G–BASE Soil Sampling video (YouTube)


Details of G–BASE and related publications are listed in the project's bibliography. Details of how to purchase copies of the regional geochemical atlas series are also available. Enquiries as to the availability of internal / technical reports listed in the bibliography should be directed towards the BGS library.

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