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About The ESSP

The ESSP is a partnership of six UK public sector bodies. Our collective purpose is to develop ways to translate and apply the world-leading environmental science we each generate, to support the delivery and improvement of services.

By combining our data, information and expertise, we can help with the design and delivery of products and services for society, private enterprise and government. These will support decision-making and stimulate economic growth while ensuring the best possible outcomes for the environment.

Contact us

Are you working on a project or developing services that would benefit from the data and expertise of the ESSP partners? Would you like more information about the partnership? To get in touch please contact us by email:

ESSP Vision

We transform world-leading environmental science expertise into products and services for the public and private-sectors, to support sustainable economic growth and improve quality of life.

November 2016 Newsletter
DataSpring is an API Management System jointly developed by the ESSP. DataSpring provides a single sign on, one stop shop for direct access to trusted environmental data from the authoritative sources across ESSP and beyond

May 2016 Newsletter
Demonstrating DataSpring at our first Preview event held in March. Bringing together a small group of software developers for a hands–on, creative day using our live prototype service. Contact us if you would like to be involved

Autumn 2015 Newsletter
Introducing DataSpring; Connected data for a connected environment; Working together; Open Government Licence; What do you think?; Here to help

Spring 2015 Newsletter
DataSpring; OpenViewer; Collaborating on Licensing Agreements and Technical Solutions; Engagement; We need your help

Autumn 2014 Newsletter Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed; Hello from the Head of ESSP; Data that’s easy to use; Potential users of our data services; Resilience Pilot Project; Construction Pilot Project; We need your help

Spring 2014 Newsletter
Data, Data, Data; Collaborating on technical solutions and licensing agreements; Engagement; Formats and standards; ESSP is different from...; We need your help